Welcome to MEETYOO's 2023 Year in Review: Unveiling Revolutionary Features & Exciting Innovations! Explore what we've been up to in 2023 and get ready for the exciting journey into 2024. 🎉

As the curtain falls on a transformative year, MEETYOO is delighted to reflect on the pivotal moments and innovations that have defined our remarkable journey through 2023. This year has been a whirlwind of creativity, innovation, and pioneering strides in the digital event landscape. Join us as we reminisce about our feature highlights that have shaped our path forward.

Sustainability Dashboard

Introducing our Sustainability Dashboard, a pioneering addition to our suite of offerings in 2023! At MEETYOO, sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's a core value ingrained in every facet of our operations.  Our innovative dashboard empowers participants to make a difference by calculating their CO2 emissions savings when attending events virtually instead of in person. This intuitive tool not only raises awareness but underscores the pivotal importance of decarbonizing the event industry. Our commitment to sustainability doesn't end there – as a carbon zero platform provider, we proactively offset all emissions produced by our events, ensuring a net-zero carbon footprint. This feature not only empowers participants to calculate their CO2 emissions saved but also underscores our unwavering dedication to environmental responsibility. 

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Walk & Talk

Introducing the Walk & Talk feature, a game-changer designed to elevate the virtual event experience. For organizers, customization is key: let creativity soar by customizing backgrounds, adding vibrancy to conversations set on beaches, mountains, or any backdrop imaginable. Participants wield the power to personalize their experience with live video, profile pictures, or the audio-only option, ensuring an interactive engagement. What truly sets Walk & Talk apart is its enabling of better conversations through proximity. Small group or 1:1 interactions bring bubbles together, muting distant conversations while creating a spatial chat mirroring in-person networking events. Attendees fluidly navigate the space, drifting from conversation to conversation, fostering a dynamic and bustling networking atmosphere. This feature liberates attendees from grid views, fostering spontaneity and connections. Its uniqueness, increased engagement, facilitation of better conversations, easing of networking discomfort, and flexibility to host up to 30 participants simultaneously make Walk & Talk a refreshing addition, breathing new life into virtual networking experiences.


Smart Badges

Say hello to our latest innovation in event gamification: Smart Badges. While gamification has been part of our DNA, our new Smart Badges take individual achievement recognition to unprecedented heights. These badges aren't just static accolades; they're dynamic, animated, and fully customizable. Organizers wield the power to create bespoke user achievements aligned with their event's goals. The animated badges are delivered directly to users, allowing organizers to strategically place them anywhere within the event environment – be it a personalized wall of fame, adding flair to user profiles, or as a visible overlay adjacent to the menu bar. This feature serves as an ingenious guide, effortlessly directing users along event pathways or incentivizing specific behaviors. Smart Badges empower organizers to curate engaging, goal-oriented experiences, creating a buzz and fostering deeper interactions within the event environment.

Smart Badges-1

Platform UI/UX Redesign

Experience the evolution of our platform's user interface and experience – a comprehensive revamp not confined to desktops but extended seamlessly to mobile devices. Our dedication to refining the user journey led us to reimagine the navigation bar, streamline buttons, and prioritize user-friendliness across every interaction point. Notably, our meticulous attention has been directed towards enhancing the auditorium features, ensuring an immersive and seamless event experience. These sweeping changes were not arbitrary; they were carefully sculpted based on invaluable customer feedback. Your insights have been instrumental in shaping this transformation, resulting in a fresh and inviting look. Navigating our platform now feels instinctive, empowering users to effortlessly explore event spaces, interact with content, and engage with speakers in the auditorium. This overhaul is more than a visual facelift – it's a testament to our commitment to delivering an intuitive, responsive, and enjoyable experience for all attendees, no matter their device.


Meeting Booking Refinement

Empower seamless connections and effortless networking with our refined Meeting Booking Tool, a game-changer unveiled in 2023, engineered to elevate the virtual event experience. Scheduling video meetings between attendees and representatives has never been smoother – book meetings, receive confirmations, and effortlessly manage them within your personalized agenda, all with a single click. Elevate your virtual events by harnessing the convenience and potency of native meeting booking and hosting, enabling attendees to effortlessly engage with experts and booth representatives. The simplicity of this tool is a testament to its efficacy – each expert or booth representative can customize their availability, allowing attendees to conveniently select meeting times. With confirmations, reminders, and meetings seamlessly integrated into personal agendas, participants can join meetings swiftly without leaving the event environment. This advancement brings a multitude of advantages, fostering increased attendee engagement, exhibitor satisfaction, scheduling efficiency, organizational prowess, and notably, a higher return on investment by keeping attendees immersed in the event's content and community.

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Virtual Photo Booth

Inject an extra dose of fun and interaction into your virtual events with our virtual photo booth! Designed to spark engagement among our visitors, this innovative feature invites users to capture memorable moments and forge connections in a lively and entertaining manner. Initially accessible via private group chats for up to 5 participants, users could indulge in individual or group photo sessions, setting the stage for delightful interactions. What sets our photo booth apart is the complete customization of its graphics, ensuring an immersive and tailored experience for both our valued customers and visitors. Building upon this success, we've expanded the functionality of our photo booth beyond mere chat features, now seamlessly integrated directly into our platform. This expansion opens up a plethora of exciting use cases, from offering a personal photo booth experience for individual users to Mix & Mingle scenarios where randomly selected participants can join for a snapshot. Moreover, the capability to create multiple photo booths within the same event, each boasting unique backgrounds and overlays, amplifies the creative possibilities, fostering a vibrant and dynamic ambiance within your virtual event space.



At MEETYOO, inclusivity lies at the core of our values, and in our relentless pursuit of providing an exceptional user experience, we've taken significant strides in enhancing accessibility within our live event platform. Identifying and addressing key accessibility challenges has been paramount to ensure a seamless and inclusive environment for all users. We've made noteworthy improvements to tackle specific issues, such as ensuring content remains perceptible even with adjusted contrast, enabling screen readers to interact with our interactive logo, refining labels to provide meaningful descriptions, and ensuring immediate focus on opened sub menus within the platform's menu buttons. Moreover, we've diligently labeled navigation regions and ensured unique IDs for all tooltips, optimizing the experience for those using assistive technologies. Our commitment extends beyond mere compliance; we've worked to enable keyboard navigation for all users, enhancing the platform's usability for everyone and providing comprehensive support for screen readers. Rigorous checks and enhancements were made across all buttons and form elements to ensure full accessibility compliance, fostering an environment where everyone, regardless of abilities, can seamlessly engage, navigate, and participate in our virtual events.

New Demo Environment

Embark on a journey of discovery with our brand-new demo environment – a virtual playground designed to showcase the array of features we offer at MEETYOO. Our commitment to transparency and accessibility led us to create this immersive space, serving as a comprehensive window into the capabilities of our platform. Step inside and experience firsthand the innovative tools, dynamic functionalities, and seamless interactions that define our virtual event solutions. This demo environment isn't just a static display; it's an interactive and engaging showcase meticulously crafted to provide a hands-on experience. Engage with features, explore functionalities, and envision the possibilities our platform offers. Whether you're an organizer seeking to elevate your event or an attendee craving a glimpse into the future of virtual gatherings, our new demo environment is the perfect starting point to unlock the full potential of MEETYOO's suite of offerings.

New Demo-1

Wrapping up 2023...

As we wrap up an eventful year and look ahead to new beginnings, the team at MEETYOO extends heartfelt gratitude for being part of our journey in 2023. It's been a year of milestones, innovation, and growth, and none of it would have been possible without your unwavering support and valuable feedback. As we step into 2024, we're excited to usher in a new chapter filled with boundless opportunities and groundbreaking advancements. At MEETYOO, we're gearing up to introduce thrilling developments, and one area of immense promise lies in harnessing the power of AI to further enrich the virtual event experience for both organizers and participants alike. The upcoming year holds a trove of exciting possibilities where AI will play a pivotal role, optimizing interactions, personalizing experiences, and redefining the way we connect in virtual spaces. Stay tuned for a year packed with innovation, transformative technologies, and experiences that elevate the standard of virtual events. Here's to an amazing start to 2024, filled with success, joy, and endless possibilities! We can't wait to continue this incredible journey with you.

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